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Frequently Asked Questions

When I graduate, what will I be qualified to teach?

Special education K-6 and middle school, elementary education K-6, and high school in-class support.  Candidates interested in pursuing grades 6-12 certification after they graduate from our program, can find the required process to do so in the link below:

State Certification Requirements

I am currently enrolled in another program at TCNJ; how can I transfer?


What happens if I change my mind and no longer wish to be a teacher?

You will graduate with a bachelor’s degree, so you will be qualified to pursue avenues other than teaching.

Why should I choose a five-year program rather than graduating in four?

You will graduate with an bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in special education. You will also hold two NJ teaching certifications.  Separately, such achievement would take almost 7 years.  Furthermore, spreading coursework over 5 years allows more flexibility  in scheduling and permits enrollment in elective courses.

What is the job market like for special education teachers?

Highly qualified Teachers of Individuals with Disabilities are in high demand. The department boasts a 100% placement rate for those seeking employment in special education.

What is your average class size?

22 students.

How do I arrange a visit?

Visit the College’s website for prospective students.

Who should apply?

The five-year program in Special Education is designed for students who have completed high school and are first-time students and for transfer students from community colleges or other four-year programs who have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree.

Does this program enable me to teach students who are deaf/hard-of-hearing?

No, if you are interested in teaching students who are deaf/HOH, the department offers another five-year integrated bachelor’s and master’s of arts program which culminates in two certifications:  one in Education of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing and one in Elementary Education.  Visit the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education site.

Can I study abroad?

Yes, the department supports the College’s International Student Teaching program. There is room in the five-year program to study abroad. Visit for details.

I am excited about student teaching. When will I have experience in the classroom?

You will have part time field experience in your junior and senior years. You will teach full-time during your fifth year.


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. All advising sessions will be conducted virtually through phone, Skype, or Google Hangout as determined with your education advisor.