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Deaf Studies Minor (SPPM)

Adviser: Steven Singer

The Deaf Studies minor is open to all matriculated students (except Deaf Education Majors) who in their careers will want or need a professional orientation to deaf or hard of hearing individuals. The course of study introduces students to the communication problems and educational needs associated with deafness. Students do not need permission to enroll in these courses or in the minor.

The American Sign Language (ASL) courses meet the college’s requirement for a foreign language. More information about the ASL courses and placement in the appropriate class level is available on the ASL web page.

The Deaf Studies Minor is comprised of 4 required courses and one additional course chosen from the list below. While ASL 103 is not a required course in the Deaf Studies Minor, students are welcome and encouraged to take this course in order to complete the College’s requirement for study of a modern language or to increase their knowledge of and skill in ASL.

Please note the college’s policy on minors: “Minors are optional. Minors consist of five full courses units (or four full course units plus an approved experience). Only one course taken as a part of the student’s major may also be counted toward the student’s minor; however, correlate courses to the major may be applied freely to the minor. Multiple minors may overlap by only one course. One-half of the courses required for the minor must be completed at TCNJ or through a prior approved course exchange program. Minors will be recorded along with majors on the student’s transcript. Students are encouraged, but not required, to pursue a minor in order to add an additional dimension to their studies. However, the College cannot guarantee that a student will be able to complete a minor because of limited space availability in certain courses and because of complexities of scheduling. To complete a minor, students must receive approval of the department offering the minor and then submit a Declaration of Major/Minor Form in the Office of Records and Registration. Students follow the course of study set out in the appropriate department section of the bulletin for the year in which they declare that minor. Students should declare a minor as soon as possible but no later than the semester prior to graduation. A minor cannot be completed after graduation.”

Students who receive transfer credit for ASL or other courses may need to take an additional course(s) toward the minor. Advisement regarding this is given on an individual basis. Contact Nadya Pancsofar.

The Records & Registration Forms page provides a link to the Minor Form. This form enables a student to declare a minor.

The following 4 courses are required:  
ASL 101 American Sign Language I4 shOffered in Fall & Spring
ASL 102 American Sign Language II4 shOffered in Fall & Spring
DHH 105 Programs & Services for the D/HH4 shOffered in Spring Only
SLP 3044 shOffered in Fall Only
One of the following courses is required:  
DHH 303 Language Development for the Deaf Offered in Fall Only
**DFHH 522 Assistive Listening Devices for Auditory Management of D/HH3 shOffered in Fall Only
**DFHH 530 Speech Development for the D/HH3 shOffered in Spring Only
**Students need a GPA of 3.0 and have senior status in order to take these courses. Students must also file a form with the Office of Records and Registration. This form allows an undergraduate student to take a graduate course for undergraduate credit. If needed, consult the Office of Graduate Studies for further information regarding an undergraduate student enrolling in a graduate level course.
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