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Applying for Internships and Externships

Complete the STEP Office Application for Internships or Externships

Log in and click on Internship II-Graduate Special Education Field Experience or SPED 682-Learning Disability Teacher Consultant or SPED 691-Internship I and fill out all applicable fields.

You need to submit a copy of this application online, as the STEP office needs it for their records. Once you have clicked the “submit” button in order to submit the application online, it will now allow you to print a copy for yourself. Bring the following items to the department office:

  • Hard copy of the form (Externship and Internship applicants
  • Three copies of your resume (Internship II)
  • Criminal background form (available on the STEP website-Internships and externships)
  • Proof of current negative mantoux test (Internship II). 

Indicate which program you are in on top of the hard copy of the application. Also indicate which semester you plan to do your internship and not the semester in which you are submitting your application for internship.

If you have any specific requests with regard to placement, you need to attach a letter specifying the request.

Make sure that you submit your application for Internship II or externship at least 4 months in advance of the semester in which you plan to complete this internship.

Provide more than one option to the STEP office because the district that you have asked for may or may not accept student teachers. In such a scenario, the STEP office would need other choices.

Please note that a change of placement is made only for circumstances that are “out of the ordinary.” If for some reason, a change of placement has to be made, you have to make up the days that you missed during the transition from one placement to the other.  Refer to the STEP Office’s change of placement policy.

It is important that you acquaint yourself with all of the policies and procedures that relate to student teaching. Detailed information is available at the Student Teaching-Internship II website.