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Clinical I

Practicum in Special Education

SPE 490. This field experience course with a complementary seminar provides students with an opportunity to teach children with disabilities in a public school setting and to participate in standard classroom routines and teaching activities. Based on their observations and field experiences, students will complete a series of written assignments that relate to lesson design, lesson execution, differentiation of instruction, analysis of student learning and reflection. Students will discuss these issues and participate in collaborative problem-solving in the seminar part of the course. 

Practicum in d/Deaf Education

Clinical practice (or “student teaching”) serves as the culminating field-based experience or internship where teacher candidates gradually take on more classroom responsibility and ultimately demonstrate their ability to lead student learning. The State of New Jersey requires two consecutive semesters of clinical practice. For d/Deaf education teacher candidates DFHH 690 and ELEM 695 are the clinical practice experience courses. Each course is a full semester of student teaching; DFHH 690 requires the teacher candidate to teach in a d/Deaf education setting and ELEM 695 places the teacher candidate in a typical elementary setting. The course that a teacher candidate enrolls in first is Clinical I and the one taken second is Clinical II.