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Department Initiatives

Center for Assistive Technology & Inclusive Education Studies

Center for Assistive Technology & Inclusive Education Studies (CATIES) is both a research and service organization.  It manages numerous state and federal grants and offers professional development training, evaluations in assistive technology and augmentative communication, and functional behavior assessments.

Creating a Team of Highly Qualified TESL Professionals

In the fall of 2011, Dr. Wu and TCNJ’s TESL program was awarded a National Professional Development Grant by the US Department of Education.  The five-year project provides ESL certification programs for in-service teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, counselor and psychologists within and beyond TCNJ’s Professional Development Schools Network. Beginning in the summer of 2012, the grant will also offer professional development workshops to ESL/Bilingual teachers and Content Area teachers across the state.

Center for Sensory and Complex Disabilities

The Center for Sensory and Complex Disabilities (CSCD) at TCNJ addresses the specialized needs of children and adults with significant and sensory disabilities: deafness/hard of hearing, blindness/low vision, and deafblindness. In concert with the mission of the college, the CSCD conducts research and professional development activities that engage professionals and TCNJ students preparing to be teachers in the creation of new approaches to education, support and practice on behalf of individuals with varying degrees of vision and/or hearing loss and individuals whose disabilities are considered low-incidence. In partnership with a variety of state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations and local school districts, the Center also provides expert consultation and technical assistance.

TCNJ Literacy Advancement Project

TCNJ’s Literacy Advancement Project (LAP) provides support for students, families, and educators to enhance the literacy development and success of all students. LAP offers support through, professional development for education, comprehensive assessment services for children and adults, and tutoring that utilizes a variety of instructional approaches. LAP also has a well established Dyslexia Initiative which aims to provide assessment services, professional development, targeted tutoring, and parent support for individuals with dyslexia.