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Suggested Undergraduate Course Sequence for Study Abroad

The following is a suggested sequence.  Students are reminded that course conflicts and availablity of courses abroad may require taking an extra semester or summer classes to complete the undergraduate program.  The opportunity to study abroad however may be well worth it!  It is strongly recommended that courses listed in gray be taken in the year and semester shown.  Students interested in International & Off-Campus Programs need to begin planning for this experiences as early as  possible.


Fall Year 1
Spring Year 1
First Year SeminarASL 101 American Sign Language I
SLP 140 Introduction to the Measurement of HearingBeginning in Fall 2010 this course will be SLP 304 Audiological Assessment and Management of Hearing LossDHH 105 Programs & Services for D/HH Students & Their Families
SLP 102 Language, Speech, Communication DevelopmentSPE 103 or SPE 203
Second MajorWRI 102, if needed
Fall Year 2
Spring Year 2
ASL 102 American Sign Language II ASL 103 American Sign Language III
MAT 105, 106 or 200MST 202 Science, Health & the Environment
RAL 220 Literacy Strategies, Assessment & Instruction, K-3MAT 202 Teaching Mathematics
Second MajorSecond Major
Fall Year 3–Study Abroad
Spring Year 3
LL–Visual & Performing ArtsDHH 350 Communication in Classrooms with Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students
LL or Second MajorScience
Second MajorSPE 103 or SPE 203
Second MajorSecond Major
RAL 225 Children’s Literature
Fall Year 4
Spring Year 4
DHH 303 Language Development in DHH US History
DHH 423 Deaf Education Methods Across Educational Settings: Curricular Modifications & AssessmentSecond Major
Second MajorSecond Major
*DFHH 522 Assistive Listening Devices & Auditory Management for D/HH IndividualsSecond Major
*DFHH 530 Speech Development in D/HH


*graduate level classes do NOT count toward the undergraduate degree


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. All advising sessions will be conducted virtually through phone, Skype, or Google Hangout as determined with your education advisor.