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Approved Courses

Approved Liberal Learning Courses For Elementary and Early Childhood Education Major Correlate Courses

Effective: Fall 2006

Visual and Performing Arts

AAH 105     Art History I: Caves to Cathedrals

AAH 106     Art History II: Renaissance to Revolution

AAH 242     Introduction to Renaissance Art

AAH 250     Contemporary Art

AAH 280     Histories of Photography

AAH 344     Art of the Italian Renaissance

AFA 101     Experiencing Art

MUS 170    College Choir (four semesters participation required)

MUS 171    Women’s Ensemble (four semesters participation required)

MUS 175    Choral (three semesters participation required)

MUS 180    Wind Ensemble: Non Music Majors

MUS 182    College Orchestra: Non Music Majors

MUS 185    College Band: Non Music Majors

MUS 260    Exploring Concert Music

MUS 265    Music and the Stage

MUS 345    Introduction to Electronic Music Skills and Literature

TST 161     Creative Design

TTR 347     Modern European Drama

VPA 101     Integrated Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts/Gender

AAH 343     Looking at Women: Representation, Feminism & Film

COM 343    Looking at Women: Representation, Feminism & Film

WGS 220    Gender and Popular Culture

WGS 305    Looking at Women: Representation, Feminism & Film

Visual and Performing Arts/Global

AAH 215    The Arts of South Asia

AAH 216    The Arts of East Asia

AAH 217    Arts of the Islamic World

LIT 233       World  Drama


Visual and Performing Arts/Race & Ethnicity

AAS 240    History of Jazz

AAS 240    Studies in Black Music

MUS 245   History of Jazz


U.S. History


HIS 265    Topics in North American History

HIS 268    The Moving Frontier in America

HIS 269    Colonial North America

HIS 273    United States: the 19th Century

HIS 374    US: Civil War and Reconstruction

HIS 276    Technology in the United States

HIS 278    History of New Jersey

HIS 284    History of Urban America

HIS 290    History of Race Relations in the US

HIS 365    Topics in North American History

HIS 386    US Diplomacy in the American Century

POL 365   Origins of the US Constitution


U.S. History/Gender

HIS 384/ WGS 303     Women in the US: 20th Century

HIS 385/ WGS 301     Women in America

AAS 376/ WGS 361     African-American Women’s History


U.S. History/Global

HIS 370     The United States in World History

HIS 277     The US in the 20th Century


U.S. History/ Race & Ethnicity

AAS 205    African American History to 1865

AAS 206    African American History: 1865-present

AAS 282    History of Race Relations in the US

HIS 267    Indian-White Relations 1800-1890

HIS 375    The Old South

HIS 279    African American History to 1865

HIS 280    African American History: 1865 to present

HIS 281    American Cultural History

HIS 382    The United States:  Guilded Age through WWII


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. All advising sessions will be conducted virtually through phone, Skype, or Google Hangout as determined with your education advisor.