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Advisement and Registration: Seniors

Please make an individual appointment to see Dr. Strassman.  Appointment sign up sheets will be in 311 Education Bldg beginning the week of October 15th.  You MUST come to the appointment with:

  1. an updated undergraduate audit sheet
  2. a printout from PAWS showing that you will have completed all undergraduate requirements by the end of the Spring 13 term.   This means that you have a minimum of 32 course UNDERGRADUATE units AND have met all requirements of the Liberal Learning Program and of both of your majors.  Note that DFHH 522 and DFHH 530 do NOT count toward your BS degree.
  3. the form allowing an undergraduate to take a graduate class
  4. Graduate Check Sheet

If you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher you should plan on taking DFHH 530.  Please note that DFHH 530 is offered in spring semesters only.  Because you are an undergraduate, you will not be able to register yourself for this class.  The Office of Graduate Studies will register you for it.  You will therefore need to complete a form gives permission for you, an undergraduate, to take this graduate course for graduate credit.  Print this form, “Undergraduate Student Enrollment in Graduate Course for Graduate Credit” and bring it to your advisement meeting.  Be advised that this course may not appear on your schedule until late in the registration window.

In addition, you should take the last courses needed toward earning your bachelor’s degree!   During your appointment with Dr. Strassman she will do an informal graduation audit if you bring an updated DHH audit sheetBe prepared to show her how you have met all requirements for your bachelor’s degree.  In particular, you must know which courses fulfilled the gender and global perspectives.  Remember, that the graduate classes you take as an undergraduate DO NOT count toward the bachelor’s degree.  You need 32 undergraduate units for that degree.

Please complete the Graduate Check Sheet and bring it with you to your advisement session.   Now is a good time for you to become familiar with DHHT Graduate Audit Sheet.   Finally, be advised that the 5-year program includes coursework during the summer between your undergraduate and graduate studies.

You will need to take the following courses during Summer 2012.  Please note that it is NOT possible to take all 3 courses in one summer session.  You will need to attend two of the three summer sessions. The classes you need are being offered as follows.  Also, be advised that you can’t register yourself for summer graduate classes.  The Office of Graduate Studies will do this for you based on the Graduate Check Sheet Form.

  • RDLG 579
  • EDUC 614
  • EDUC 513

Students who are unprepared for their appointment may not be seen.


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. All advising sessions will be conducted virtually through phone, Skype, or Google Hangout as determined with your education advisor.