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Advisement and Registration: Freshmen

Spring 2013 Advisement/Registration Information for Freshmen

The following provides you with an outline in terms of the courses you should take in Spring 2013. Please remember that you have two  majors. Your primary major is Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHHA). Your secondary major is in one of 11 disciplines.  You need to meet with an adviser from each major.

There will be a mandatory Freshman Advisement/Registration meeting on Wednesday, October 31st from 3:30 – 5 in room 109 of the Education Bldg.   Come to this meeting with a listing from PAWS of courses you have completed and with an updated DHH Audit Sheet.  Using the information provided below, also come with a projected schedule and a projected alternate schedule.

The courses listed below should be taken in the spring semester.  Note that there is a space holder for one course in your second major. If your second major requires that you take two courses this coming spring, then you will not take a math class or the LNG, or the SPE class or the SLP class.  If you need to take WRI 102, it must be completed in Spring 2013.


If you are not familiar with the DHH 5-year projected course sequence be sure to look at it prior to registration.

DHHA freshmen should take the following courses:

    1. *ASL 101–Students MUST register for both a lecture and a conversation hour.  ASL 101 fills up quickly.  Do not panic if you see that all sections are closed as we have held seats for Deaf Ed majors.  Those seats will be opened for you, as needed.  If you are unable to register yourself in ASL because the courses are full, you will need to come to the SELL Office (311 Education Bldg) to complete a form.  ASL will be added to your schedule for you.  ASL can only be added if you have no more than 3 course units in your course schedule.
    2. DHH 105
    3. A course in your second major.  See an adviser to determine which course you should take.
    4. WRI 102, if needed, must be taken.  You are exempt from WRI 102 if you have an AP score of 4 or 5 in English or History or if your SAT scores were above 580 in both areas.  Check on PAWS to see if your are exempt or if you need to take the class.  A list of all sections of WRI 102 for the spring semester by day and time, along with the sub-title and a detailed description can be found at  Students not needing WRI 102 may take:
            • LNG 201 OR
            • SPE 203 OR
            • SLP 102 OR
            • MAT 105, 106, or 200 (200 is for math majors).  One of these math courses is needed as a prerequisite to MST/MTT 202 which is taken during the sophomore year. OR
            • another course in your second major

      *Any student who has previously taken American Sign Language and has not take the TCNJ ASL Placement Test must do so.  Information about the next test will be on the ASL website.


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. All advising sessions will be conducted virtually through phone, Skype, or Google Hangout as determined with your education advisor.