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Undergraduate Admission Information


Entering Freshman

Applications for incoming freshman students are evaluated by the TCNJ Admissions Office based on criteria established by the College


Students Transferring from Another College

The Undergraduate Coordinator, together with the Admissions Office evaluates applications for students transferring from another college. The Undergraduate Coordinator is notified when the applications for Fall admission are available for review.  Transfer students are not admitted for the Spring semester.  Students are only admitted once per year, for the Fall semester.

Student’s applications are evaluated based on:

* prior undergraduate record(s),
* essay,
* letters of recommendation (not mandatory)
* available SAT scores,
* and high school rank.

Evaluation of the essay is based on the applicant’s ability to convey a passion for teaching students with disabilities and a desire to attend The College of New Jersey. Applicants are then ranked according to the above criteria. The number of students admitted is based on available openings in the cohort. The Admissions Office then notifies accepted and rejected students.

The following are the only courses accepted in transfer from another college:

• An Introductory course in special education (For SPE 103)
• A course in speech and language development (for SLP 102)
• A course in children’s literature (for RAL 225)
• A course in educational psychology, which also includes a component focusing on individuals with disabilities
• (for SPE 203)


Students Transferring from Another Department or Program

The Undergraduate Coordinator evaluates applications from students transferring from another department, or another program. Students are only admitted once per year, for the Fall semester. Applicants make an appointment to see the Undergraduate Coordinator for an interview during which time the five-year program is explained, and questions are answered. The applicant is then asked to complete an application (obtained in the Department of Special Education, Language and Literacy) and submit it sometime during the Fall semester, or at the beginning of the Spring semester prior to the end of the first week in March. Applications are evaluated based on current GPA and response to the essay questions contained in the application; the latter are also used as a writing sample. Prior to Fall semester registration, which occurs in the Spring, applicants are notified if they were selected for admission. Selected applicants meet with the Undergraduate Coordinator (who will serve as their initial advisor) during the registration period.


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. All advising sessions will be conducted virtually through phone, Skype, or Google Hangout as determined with your education advisor.