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Lynn Smith



Scholarly InterestsSpeech perception of children who are hard of hearing, specifically the segments of speech signals that are particularly difficult for these children to perceive.

Courses Taught: SLP 304: Audiological Assessment; SLP 305: Acoustic Phonetics; SLP 307: Communication Disorders; SLP 308: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms; SLP 309: Speech Science

Achievements: Fellow in American Academy of Audiology;  Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology, American Speech & Hearing Association; Mentor and Advisor to Award Winning Secondary School Research in the Use of IPOD headphones and hearing loss in children, 2010; Advisor to Junior American Academy of Science Research in Handedness and Mathematical Ability; Chair of TCNJ’s Institutional Review Board for 4 years – brought proposal from paper to electronic submission; Chair of TCNJ Sabbatical Committee; Academic Integrity Officer of the School of Education; Outstanding Professor Award, TCNJ Order of Omega, 2011; The Hearing Journal; The Best of Audiology Literature, 2000 cites Smith & Levitt article in The Journal of The American Academy of Audiology in the categories of ‘most thought provoking’ and ‘all-around favorites’

Degrees Ph.D., Speech and Hearing Science, The City University of New York;  M.E.D. Education of the Deaf, Smith College; B.S., Speech Pathology and Audiology, NYU