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Lauren Foxworth

Lauren Foxworth

Co-Coordinator, Special Education Graduate Programs
Co-Director, TCNJ’s Literacy Advancement Project

Dr. Lauren Foxworth earned her Ph.D. in special education from The Pennsylvania State University, where she conducted intervention research to strengthen writing quality and support self-regulation skills of students with high-incidence disabilities and struggling writers. Her work has been published in several journals, including Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, Behavioral Disorders, International Journal of Research in Learning Disabilities, and Exceptionality. Dr. Foxworth is a certified special education teacher (k-12), with experience teaching students with disabilities across contents in inclusive and self-contained classroom settings in the NJ public school system.

Scholarly Interests:

Instructional methods for individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities; self-regulated strategy development; explicit instruction; interventions and instruction for strengthening reading and writing skills.

Courses Taught:

SPED 522: Remedial Instruction; SPED 609: Assessment and Remediation of Severe Reading Disabilities; SPE 490: Practicum in Special Education; SPED 597/DFHH 597: Special Topics; SPED 695: Internship II (Student Teaching)

Select Publications:

Foxworth, L.L., Hashey, A.I., Dexter, C.A., Rasnitsyn, S., & Beck, R. (2021), Approaching Explicit Instruction within a Universal Design for Learning Framework, TEACHING Exceptional Children.

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Select Presentations:

Dexter, C.A. & Foxworth, L.L. Video reflection and analysis: Building effective teaching behaviors. Teacher Education Division, Council for Exceptional Children, Las Vegas, NV, 2018.

Foxworth, L.L. Delivering Strong, Inclusive Lessons: A Review of Research-Grounded Techniques, Council for Learning Disabilities, Portland, OR, 2018.

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