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Alan H. Cohen


PH.D., Professor Emeritus

Scholarly Interests:  Preservice training of special education teachers; communication disorders especially in individuals with autism and related disabilities; use of “total communication” with students with disabilities; international aspects of special education

Courses Taught: SPE 103: Social and Legal Foundations of Special Education; SPE 214: Exploring Classroom Communities field supervision; SPED 597: Seminar in Student Teaching; SPED 501: Students with Disabilities in Our Schools

Achievements:  Undergraduate Coordinator of the Special Education Program; Coordinator of Student Teaching, Special Education;  School of Education Academic Integrity Officer; teaching special education classes in Mallorca, Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Caracas, La Paz, Kuwait, Cairo and Bangkok.

Degrees: Ph.D. & M.A., Temple University B.A. Penn State University